The Windrush Scholarship Fund

The Windrush Scholarship Fund (WSF) was launched at a BFUWI event held on November 28, 2019 and donations are being accepted. The scholarship is expected to start in the September 2020 – 21 academic year.

British students of Caribbean heritage (the descendants of The Windrush Generation) who attend certain UK universities will be eligible to spend one semester in an exchange programme at an UWI landed campus.

The students selected under this scholarship would not have to pay additional tuition fees, but would be required to pay auxiliary fees, accommodation, food, books and take care of daily expenses.

Proposed Terms and Conditions of the WSF

  1. The proposed amount is £5,000.00 for one semester.
  2. Applicants would have to agree for their genealogy to be verified as being of 2rd and 3rd year generation Caribbean descent when applying.
  3. The scholarship would be open to all faculties for one semester. Details to be cleared/approval with professional faculties, including Law, Medicine, Engineering.
  4. The scholarship will be open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Establishment and Administration of the Windrush Scholarship Fund

  1. The WSF will be set up and administered by The University of the West Indies. The BFUWI will act solely as a facilitator, as necessary.
  2. If the funds are donated in the UK, the donor could receive gift aide support from the government and could receive a tax benefit. Donations to the Windrush Scholarship fund will be encouraged by the The UWI, the BFUWI and the UWIAA/alumni in the UK.